A Short Story

Shorts, by colloquial definition are, ‘trousers that reach the top of the thigh or extend to the knee’. Shorts, defined by today's youth are, ‘a substitute for underwear in which neither length nor correct fit are essential’. Shorts, defined by me, are 'the fashion bane of my existence’.  I'm certainly no prude, but when did the wedgie deviate from a schoolyard taunt and become a suitable representation of ‘street style’?

Thank the lord, my favourite season is upon us. Winter has arrived and the amount of arse cheek on display is now directly proportionate to the wind chill factor. A - freaking - MEN!

I'm in no way suggesting the need to avoid shorts all together. Infact, I'm going to show you how to wear them throughout winter and make your clothes work all year round (we do, so why shouldn't they!). Pull out your tights and let's collectively prove that winter truly is fashion's wonderland.

Follow these tips to ensure you're not left short this winter
The more conscious you are of your legs, the darker the tights
The wider the leg of the short, the slimmer your thigh will appear
The only cheeks on display should be on your face

Prue x

Shorts: Levis / Urban Outfitters
 Shirt: Review
Jumper: K-Mart
Belt: Seed
Heels: Seed
 Tights: Voodoo
Bag: Mimco
Earrings: Tiffany & Co

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