My love of fashion started the day I was born and to be honest it wasn’t like I popped out and started crying “Chaaaannneeeelllll”. It was pushed upon me in bucket loads by my most fabulous and sparkly Nana.
Dresses with frills and lace, frilly socks, black shiny patent Mary-Janes, ribbons and bows, anything that was girly and pretty my Nana adorned me with.
We would shop together, look at ridiculously expensive gowns covered in sequins and pick which was ours – hers was always red.
She had two enormous floor-to-ceiling wardrobes filled to the brim with clothes, each garment covered in glitter or sequins or pearls or lace, sometimes all of the above.
And the most fabulous thing about her was her hair. Every Thursday she would go see Joe the hairdresser and get glitter hairspray in her hair.
I’m serious, she was like the most adorable walking glitter ball.
In fact a lady once stopped her whilst crossing the road and told her she looked like an angel with a halo.
No doubt Nana would have replied with an “I know,” and a proud shrug.
So this post about everything glittery is in memory of my darling Nana whom I lost a year ago, yesterday.
The sparkles live on!
Eve x

Flats: Seed

 Dress: ASOS

Sneakers: Converse

 Dress: Forever New

Headband: Forever New

 Dress: Topshop

Dress: Topshop

Shorts: Topshop

Forever my Dancing Queen xx

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