Dollars vs Sense

Okay so yes it is sale time. Lots of red bannered shop windows are drawing you in, and that’s fine. However, a conversation I overheard between a mother and daughter in a store yesterday (when I was doing a sneaky shop on my lunch break) made me slightly concerned. Mother is holding up a very ugly leopard-print-gone-wrong scarf in puke green and waving it at Daughter.
“What do you think about this, love?” Mother asks.
Daughter screws up her nose. “Yuck Mum, it’s really ugly.”
“I know, but it’s on sale, only $29.95,” persists Mother.
Daughter, looking much more interested now, comes over and has a closer look.
“Well, I guess it’s pretty good for $29.95,” Daughter agrees.
After a few moments of umming and aaahing, Mother goes up to the counter and purchases it.
Great for the retail world, as a country we need to sell millions of scarves to stop the recession in its tracks, however all I wanted to say was YOU DON’T LIKE IT! YOU THINK IT’S UGLY! But I didn't. I’m no crazy.
Just because something is on sale doesn’t mean you should buy it. Yes it might be over 50% off but to be honest, that’s probably because no one likes it.
So ask yourself next time you find a really great bargain, “Would I have bought this full price if money wasn’t an issue?” If yes, good on you, you won. If no, leave your credit card in your Gucci and back slowly away from the scarf stand. Save the $30 and put it towards something you actually like.
Like this Sretsis dress that was worth every penny.
It only cost me ten and a half ugly leopard-print-gone-wrong scarves in puke green…
Eve x 

Dress: Sretsis

Clutch: Mimco

Boots: Acne

Bangle: Lovisa

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