Packing Perfected

In a few weeks time, Eve and I are heading to Melbourne for a weekend of shopping and style spotting. Of course the first thing to pop into my mind was - what to pack?! Not too long ago packing for anything from an overnighter to a three month trip through Europe was a hapless task. I was a firm believer of packing by quantity of items ie 3 tops, 4 pairs of pants, 2 pairs of shoes - one for comfort, one impractical etc. Late last year I had an epiphany, triggered by a costly airline excess baggage charge nonetheless. It got me thinking... 

Why do some people always look so polished when they travel? Well, here's their secret... Pack by outfit! Instead of throwing individual pieces into your suitcase with the hope that they will match (instead leaving you panicked and dressed head to toe in red) a little 'plan packing' is all it takes.

My tip - pack an outfit per day for any trip under a week, including shoes and accessories. That way you'll have a pre-styled outfit for each day and if anything can be mix matched it's a bonus! For trips longer than a week, ensure you have 7 outfits, leaving you plenty of time to wash during the week and other looks to keep you fresh and fabulous.

Some inspiration...

 Well, you can't go past Miranda Kerr.

Effortless. Every. Time.

And yes, I am well aware that we are not all supermodels. But, take heed in the fact that each outfit is styled - scarf or hat, bag or boot - unlike those legs, something attainable to all - a good sense of style.

Prue x


And lastly, don't let these failings be in vain. Get 'plan packing'!


  1. Love it, Great advice. I usually pack way to much 'just incase' clothes, I dont know when I have ever been somewhere that the 'just incase' ugly but warm jumper has been needed. It is a mission of mine to dress better when traveling. Thanks for the tips on how!

  2. I usually look like Rhianna, when I travel :)

  3. Good work on this one girls, i'm not heading off anywhere anytime soon but now i have a strong urge to go and pack!

  4. Great minds think alike. I need to pack for a trip leaving tomorrow morning and thought of packing the outfits, trouble is which ones?????