Destination / FASHION AVENUE

OK. STOP what you are doing. Take a deep breath and grab your diary. Flick to Saturday September 1st. Done? Right, now grab a pen and write any of the following - Taken/Busy/Unavailable/Engaged/Having the time of my life ♥ (Love Heart  - Optional). Got that sorted? Now click  here and buy yourself a ticket to what will be the most amazing fashion event you'll ever attend - FASHION AVENUE. With VIP seated tickets having just SOLD OUT don't waste any time snapping up one of the few standing tickets still available - this event WILL sell out.


FASHION AVENUE, the brainchild of Pride Models director Christabel Dundon, is back for Spring/Summer 2012 and is bigger than ever. Held in the amazing Old Queens Theatre and showcasing a mix of local labels; Angel Wings, Cameo, Finders Keepers, Jophiel, Keepsake the Label and national designers; Alannah Hill, Alex Perry, Camilla, Gorman, Joveeba, Lisa Ho, Lucette, Morrison and Tigerlily - all styled by fashion director Meisha Wright - this is an event not to be missed.

I'll leave you with a taste of what to expect on the night - nothing short of extraordinary...

Prue  x

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Camilla via
Angel Wings

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  1. looks like a great night, will you guys review it for us in case we cant get tickets?

    1. Yes we will. I'll be there on the night and will be taking backstage pics so you won't miss out!
      P x