Couture at Cost Price

Lately I haven’t been able to help notice a growing trend towards brides ordering their bridesmaids dresses from Chinese websites. One only has to type ‘Chinese bridesmaids dresses’ into Google to find a plethora of sites offering ‘designer’ gowns at ‘unbelievable’ prices. These sites offer exact replicas of couture gowns worn by celebrities for a fraction of the price. Sound too good to be true? Well, it is.

Fooled by images of celebrities wearing intricate custom made gowns and a promise that their orders will be of the same high quality and made to measure, you’d be stupid not to dive straight for your purse and place an order. After all, we want the very best for our bridesmaids and what could be better than getting them the same dress that Scarlett Johansson wore to the Oscars? It’s couture at cost price, right? Wrong.

Take this example from a client I was helping during the week. She is the maid of honour in an upcoming wedding and was horrified after receiving her not so made to measure bridesmaid dress. After sending off her measurements she waited in anticipation of receiving her dream dress. What she got... well (with her permission of course) you be the judge.
What she ordered...

What she got...

I'm in no way insisting a boycott of these sites. I'm just saying -Bridezilla Beware.

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