All wrapped up

When a shopping habit begins to take over your life (ok, a tad dramatic - your bedroom), you have two options...

1. Admit you have a problem.
2. Build something to store the item and make room for more.

Never one to be beat, I recently invaded the man cave and built this wooden contraption to hang my ever growing collection of scarves. Admittedly, I am quite impressed with my efforts.

This post that follows was inspired by a conversation I had with a friend during the week. It's incredible what we take for granted and for me it's how to wear a scarf. After being given a scarf as a present my friend was a little lost as how to best wear it. This is question I get asked on a daily occassion at work so I thought I'd do a demo and post the results.. Take notes and follow on,

Prue xx

Scarf: Seed

Skills: Model's Own


  1. Very good advice. I wish I had skills like you :)

  2. fabulous - love the man work, impressed with your skills re: scarf home x

  3. its very dark tho