Hook, line and sinker...

Hey ASOS, high five for having the ingenuity to coincide a  25% University student discount offer with the end of the exam period. It's reward for your hard work, they say. No ASOS, it's a means to make profit by exploiting the most vulnerable. And for this we thank you. With just under two weeks 'til results are released, if you have any doubt that you'll pass and can't be the part, you may as well look it.

What are you waiting for? With free shipping to boot, you've got until 4AM AEST tomorrow to receive 25% of full price stock. Click HERE to register and begin the healing process.

Here are the three pieces (each under $50 AUD) I snapped up and will be featuring over the next month or two. I decided to leave the neon orange visor from look #2 in 1983 where it belongs. Wise choice me thinks.

Prue x

And if food was an optional extra these two would have been coming to a post box near me. Dear Santa...

All photos from asos.com/au

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