On the Prowl

There is, perhaps, no print more feared in fashion than that of our feline friends. Animal print… The stereotype of an older aunt who has squeezed her ha-ha’s into a tight animal printed top revealing a cavity we all feared would envelop us, has long stopped this versatile print from being freely worn. Fear not, by following these simple rules you will be on the prowl in no time.

Invest in a good print. The larger the surface area - the more important the print. For coats and jumpers remember that these will be the focal point of your look. Ensure the print is abstract and soft, you’ll be surprised how versatile a print can be when it isn’t too bold.
Accessories are where you can go crazy.
Be brave
Be inspired
Prue x
Reeoow. The Gosson 's these animal inspired beauties
Clutch: Sass & Bide

Heels: Seed
Belt: Gorman

Jeans: Sass & Bide

Couldn't resist: ASOS

And for the Guys

Jumper: APC

Cardigan: Marc Jacobs

The Clash

There once was a time where the shoes must match the bag, and both must match the hat. But ladies, that was a time where one never left the house without a hat upon their head. As in a very long time ago.

Nowadays there is a common perception that at least the bag and shoes must match. Enter any clothing store and you’ll find most sales assistants, when seeing you trying on a pair of shoes will kindly ‘inform’ you that, guess what? There is a matching clutch! And would you like to see the matching bracelet, earrings and necklace too?

I am telling you now, that is a sales technique to get you to purchase more. It is not going to make your outfit look better.
So many people are convinced the shoes and bag in particular must match. I used to work in a store that thrived on matching everything together. The pale pink dress worn with cream heels, cream clutch bag, pearl studs, pearl necklace, and a lovely pale pink head band to top off the wedding cake. I’m so bored even writing about it.

How about we start exploring and mis-matching our accessories and being brave.

Challenge for all you ladies out there who are shopping for a new outfit this week? Buy each piece from a different store. Try wearing a tough looking boot with that girly dress, or try bright neon heels with a brightly coloured bag in a different colour. Relax, have fun and avoid the temptation to match everything. And remember, the most stylish are usually those who look like they haven’t tried. 

For some celeb inspiration, I introduce Olivia Palermo who, in my opinion, has turned this look into an art form. A++ my dear. 

Eve x